Tune is Musa's bonded pixie, and the Pixie of Manners. She and Musa often butt heads, due to having contrasting personalities. Tune believes in being lady-like, a which contrasts with her bonded fairy, Musa, who is famous for her outgoing and tomboyish behaviour. In spite of Tune's nagging and correcting of Musa; Tune and Musa make the perfect pair, each lessening each others' extreme qualities.



She has pale purple hair styled in curls and a Victorian-style outfit in purple, white, and blue with a blue bow in her hair. She wears pink make-up that makes sharp points above her eyes, a fair skin tone (recalling the Victorian fashion popular among aristocrats of applying powder to their faces to whiten it), and violet eyes. Her wings are purple with a purple glow.

Voiced By

Letizia Ciampa (Original/Italian)

Michal Friedman (4Kids) (deceased)

Lara Jill Miller (Nickelodeon)

Liz Macrae (RAI English and PopPixie)

Eva Padoan (Original/Italian PopPixie)



Powers and Abilities

Her Voice

Bonded Fairy

Musa (Fairy of Music)


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