Tommy e Oscar Edit

Tommy and Oscar (Italian: Tommy e Oscar) is an Italian animated television series created by Max Alessandrini and Iginio Straffi, and produced by the Italian company Rainbow S.r.l. (now Rainbow S.p.A.) and by RAI Fiction. There was the movie in this series that was going to be released in 2004, but it is unreleased.


The main town in the series Rainbow City, which takes its name from the production company of the series.

Tommy - A blond boy of about 10 years who lives with his eccentric uncle Leonard and Oscar and ticklish under his feet.

Oscar - A fun and weird pink alien who eats and musical notes that can change her body at will.

Yukari - A girl of Chinese origin, full of action, her dance of attack, the Katonga Dance.

Prof. Leonard - Bizarre scientist, but a great inventor. Is the uncle of Tommy and lives with him.

Peter - Is the best friend of Tommy, and a music store.

Buck - A dog that can walk on their front legs, lives with Tommy and Oscar.

Caesar - Unscrupulous, low and ugly, he is convinced that the only thing that counts is money, and does not spare oppression to get rich.

Ork and Dork - Pair of idiots apes, with speech but not of intellect. Working for Caesar as a gorilla.