Here are rules that will help you survive this wiki.

General RulesEdit

  • You must be 13 years old to have an account here, as per Wikia's Terms of Use. If anyone is found under 13, they are blocked until their 13th birthday.
  • No swearing of any kind whether it is censored or abbreviated or neither. "Hell" and "damn" are allowed though because it was said in Mr. Bean but don't use it in offence or anything because it is harassment.
  • No spamming or vandalism.
  • Do not edit anyone's userpage but your own without permission.
  • No harassment.

Message Wall/Talk Page RulesEdit

  • On talk pages, always leave a link to your userpage to show who wrote the message.
  • No spamming or vandalism on talk pages or message walls.
  • Only remove spam messages.
  • Do not butt into dead conversations.
  • No harassment.

Chat RulesEdit

  • No swearing.
  • No spamming or vandalism.
  • No harssment.
  • Use PM for private stuff only.
  • To be a chat mod, you must have 20 edits (spam doesn't count).
  • Do not flood Chat.