Personality Profile Cherie is a bizarre, capricious and unpredictable but likable Pixie, whose main interest in life is going on wild shopping sprees. Though very vain, she can also be generous with her friends, sharing everything she has with them. Cherie gets bored very easily so she needs to be kept constantly entertained with something different and amusing.

Appearance Edit


Cherie wears a red dress with the chest part being pink and the ruffles along the bottom being pale yellow. Around her neck is a green necklace/strap with a small flower on it. Cherie also has on seethrough/very thin materialed cuffs, and green strapped sandles with tan platforms/bottoms. Her wings are pinkish red and tan-yellow. Civilian

Cherie normally wears a pink ruffled tanktop along with silver bracelets with small roses on them, a magenta and red themed multi-layer skirt, and silver cuffs/bracelets with small flowers on them. She wears red heels.

Picnic Cherie wears a red elbow length shirt, a red bracelet with pink flowers all over it, and a very light pair of jean overalls with the pants ending at her knee. She also wears red sandles with clasp around her ankles.

Swimsuit Cherie wears a red single piece with fuschia-purple chest part and red tanktop styled shoulder straps, along with a yellow belt, a single pink-red bracelet on her right wrist, and red sandles with tan platforms underneath and purple bows around her ankle. In her hair is a red flower.

Pajamas For bed, Cherie wears a cute fuschia and purple themed nightdress with very pale long sleeves and fuzzy fuschia colored wrapping at her neck and sleeves.