Personality Profile

Energetic and determined, Caramel is very sweet natured and full of life, but she is also practical and knows how to defend herself. Hours spent in her bakery has taught her to be both quick and decisive. Caramel is always ready to rush into battle to help her friends. She seems to be the hot-headed, "brawny" memeber of the group.

Her Brother is Martino.

Appearance Edit


Caramel wears a yellow ruffled dress with thin fuschia straps, a fuschia segment at her chest, and a fuschia bracelet with a flower on the side. In her hair, Caramel wears yellow flower pieces.


Caramel wears a short T-short with small ruffled lined sleeves, and a skirt. Along with shoes, a neck bow/ribbon, and small bead-like shiny colored pieces in her hair, almost resembling candy. Other (possibly Camping or picnic outfit) Another outfit Caramel wore is a pale pink shirt with brown sleeves and a bright green neck ribbon/bow, along with a brown skirt with yellow in the middle and a jewelry, bow themed belt piece. Along with a green headband with a pink bow on the side.