BoBoiBoy is a Malaysian animated series produced by Animonsta Studios, centers around a boy who has superpower and able to separate into three. With his friends, Ying, Yaya and Gopal, they fight to protect the earth from alien threats to conquer the Earth to hunt down for cocoa beans. BoBoiBoy series published in HDTV[2] format, and is scheduled to broadcast over TV3 began on 13 March 2011, and on Disney Channel Asia from 18 June 2011[3]

Season one (2011)

The first season of BoBoiBoy was aired on Sunday, 7.00 pm. The episode started when the main character, BoBoiBoy went to Tok Aba's (BoBoiBoy's grandfather) home in Rintis Island (Pulau Rintis) during school holidays. On the same time, Adu Du, an alien from planet of Atata Tiga came to Earth, searching for energy resources. He found out that there was a powerful energy - cocoa, which was extinct on his planet 30,000 years ago. Adu Du wanted to conquer all the cocoa for himself, so that he could be a hero for his planet. In order to make sure his plan succeed, he got help from Energy Ball (Ochobot). However, Ochobot gave power to BoBoiBoy and his new friends, Ying, Yaya and Gopal. For the first season there are 13 slots with every slot consisting of two episodes. This make total of 26 episodes all together. Each episode lasts for 11 minutes. Because of popularity of this animation, Animonsta Studios agreed to air an additional episode named "Extended Finale Episode" (Episode 27 and Episode 28) on 1 January 2012.[8]

Season two (2012)

Season 2 of BoBoiBoy will be premiering on May 27, 2012. In this season, BoBoiBoy move to Rintis Island to unite with Tok Aba (his grandfather), Gopal, Ying and Yaya. The story in this season mainly centers around BoBoiBoy and his friends at school, Sekolah Rendah Pulau Rintis (lit. Rintis Island Primary School). BoBoiBoy meets new challenger, Fang at his new school. Fang or Mystery Boy was first introduced in Season 1 on "Extended Finale 1" (Episode 26 with addition of a few minutes of scene on BoBoiBoy leaving Rintis Island). Season three (2013)

Season 3

of Boboiboy will be premiering on (possiby) June 2013. Not much known about this season, but it is imply that Ejo jo will be the main villian in this season, replacing Adu du as main antagonist of the first and second season of Boboiboy.

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BoBoiBoy Lightning

BoBoiBoy Storm

BoBoiBoy Wind

BoBoiBoy Cyclone

BoBoiBoy Earth

BoBoiBoy Earthquake

Khristian Alcantara





Tok Aba


Adu Du




Multi Monster

Papa Zola

Sleeping Monster



Bago Go


Ejo Jo

Teacher Timmy

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Adult Passenger

Child Passenger

Old Lady

Random Guy


Ying's Grandma