In a quiet and secluded corner of the Magical Universe, there is a very special dimension, a miniature world populated by Gnomes, Elves, talking Animals... and above all by Pixies. The town they live in is Pixieville, and it is here that Pixies go out about their extraordinary daily lives using the incredible magic of the MagicPops, the magical globes of the Tree of Life.

The MagicPops, magical globes that contain positive magic grows on the Tree of Life. When a Pixie uses her talent wisely for the good of all, she may receive a MagicPop to become a PopPixie.

PopPixie has a core target audience of 5-9 year old kids, but it is pure entertainment for the whole family.

Packed with comedy and a spirit of adventure, the stories of PopPixie never fail to surprise with funny and outlandish situations – and a healthy dose of roll-on-the-floor laughter! Thanks to positive, feel-good themes, PopPixie inspires and empowers girls and boys alike, increases their self-esteem and provides positive role models.

Combining a large variety of worlds and characters with an iconic style, PopPixie offers endless opportunities in product development and licensing. This is evidenced by the more than 115 licensees already on board with the brand, covering everything from publishing to fashion, and from toys to stationary.


In a faraway dimension there is a quirky, eccentric place called Pixieville. In this town, gnomes and all manner of magical animals live happily and peacefully together with the Pixies, sharing everyday life. But they are not alone: there are also the Elves, naughty creatures who are always ready to play a practical joke or stir up trouble -- sometimes making Pixieville a challenging place to live! Each Pixie has a specific talent to develop and a mission to accomplish. By using their talents properly they can increase their magic powers and make the world a better -- not to mention, more fun -- place for everyone! </span></h1>


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